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August 1 - September 29.

Join the club. Submit your business. Earn exclusive prizes.

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Every time you personally enroll a customer (minimum order $44.95) or Consultant (with a Starter Pak), immediately let us know by clicking on the button below and filling out the form.

Every Tuesday, on our Fight Club Zoom calls, we will have a prize drawing for the people who did a piece a business in the previous week.

Submit Your Piece of Business

What Are The Prizes?


Enroll a piece of business this week to enter a drawing for Zurvita products and cash prizes.


Enroll a piece of business every week during September and qualify for a special training call with corporate leaders.

NEW: Missed a week? Enroll 3 pieces of business between September 21-29 to qualify.

3 qualified people will win $100 cash and Zeal Hibiscus.


Enroll a piece of business every week during the Fight Club (August 1-September 29) to qualify for the Grand Prize drawing.

5 qualified people will win $300 cash.

NEW: Missed a week? Enroll 5 pieces of business between September 21-29 to qualify.

What is the Fight Club?


Zoom Recordings

July 28. 2020

August 4, 2020

August 11, 2020

August 18, 2020

August 25, 2020

September 1, 2020

September 8, 2020

Download the Workbook

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Congratulations to Our Previous Prize Winners!

Tom Nash (Case of 24 Zeal Singles)
Melva Calvin (Case of 24 Zeal Singles)
Albina Cooper (Case of 24 Zeal Singles)
Michelle Barnes (Case of 24 Zeal Singles)
Chris Dowhaniuk (Case of 24 Zeal Singles)
Justin Chacko (Zeal+ Canister)
Lisa Cady (Zeal+ Canister)
Ebenezer Paul (Zeal+ Canister)
Valerie Jones (Zeal+ Combo Pak)
Bo Copeland (Protein Canister)
Sheri Harold (Case of 24 Zeal Singles)

Taylor Ringkamp ($50)
Zoila Margarita Badilla ($50)
Andy Delgado ($50)
Holly Funk ($50)
Jill Mills ($50)
Sylvia and Jarrod Massey Sr ($50)
Alan & Leanne Masters ($50)
Justin Chacko ($50)
Larry & Susan Selvey ($100)
Jamie & Holli Yount ($50)
Ada Brown ($50)
Marna Spears ($50)
Rosemary Gomez ($50)
Roger Moody ($50)
Larry & Susan Selvey ($50)

Rosemary Gomez
Melva Calvin
David Dabney
Albina Cooper

Monthly Prizes:
Zeal Hibiscus (when it launches)
$100 Cash

Week 7 Scoreboard

The following people have enrolled a piece of business during week 7:

Allen Womacks
Andrew Dikas
Andy Delgado
Anna Blocher
Barbara Blane
Barry Cook
Bethany Stys
Brad Murray

Cherrye Kelley
Chris Overholt
Crystal Dougherty
Cynthia Cernucan
David Dabney
Debbie Griggs
Denise Banas
Ebenezer Paul
Edward Griggs
Elizabeth Davidson
Frank and Lori Jarvis
Hollee Raynor
Holly Trombley
Jack Snyder
Jamie & Holli Yount
Jason Parker
Jill Mills
Kamala Paul
Karen Poulter
Kim Koonce
Kyle Mickleburgh
Larry and Susan Selvey
Linda Lawson
Margie Feduchke
Melva Calvin
Renee Schultz
Renuka Paul
Roger Moody
Rosemary Gomez
Shannon Klotts
Sharon Meadows
Sheri Harold
Stacy Noe
Timothy Neal
Tom Nash
Victor A. Rosario
Víctor Rosario Sr
Yvette Delcampo